Refugium Rochus
Refugium Rochus
Refugium Rochus

Two people, one dream

In the beginning there was an idea. A dream. Then came the plan. And the architectural design. To retain the character of the 1960s building and create space for the extraordinary. Room for relaxation. A refuge. 

Refugium Rochus

From the Waldrast to the Refugium.
Design apartments for lovers of the extraordinary. 

A new beginning requires courage. The courage to make changes. To dare to do new things. To step out of line. To be different. Courage that is worthwhile, when it enables one to live one’s dreams. Our Refugium has helped us to fulfil our dreams. From what was once the Waldrast – Rochus’ childhood home and formerly a bed and breakfast hotel – we have created a special, unique place.

The Refugium Rochus is a design holiday home that serves breakfast with individual studios. Above all it is the place where history, architecture and the environment come together. And so each and every one of the carefully created Design Apartments is also an authentic expression of our personality. 

Lively and individual, with many a surprising contrast, well organised and yet versatile, the interior reflects our character traits, desires and visions. High-quality materials, creativity and durable design are the expression of a modern attitude to life and an ambiance that brings peace and can be enjoyed. A special time in an extra special atmosphere is beginning. We look forward to experiencing it with you!

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The message of the pictures that are reminiscent of the surrounding forest, remains obscure. Just like the language of nature.

Artist, Mirijam Heiler

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